Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Carrying extra weight is no fun for anyone; it can leave you tired every day and nostalgic for the days when your pants size was just a little bit smaller. Getting rid of stubborn fat can be extremely difficult and may even cause you to consider surgical options to restore your reflection to its former svelte and youthful look.

As one of the experts in fat transfer in the Philadelphia area, the Gabay & Gottlieb team understands why you’d like to trim a few inches from your waist, and that it can be hard to do.

However, if you’re considering surgery to get rid of those stubborn pounds, here are some things to try first:

A Different Diet

Everyone knows the folk wisdom that changing your diet is key to making your weight-loss dreams come true, and almost all of them fall into the trap of believing trendy diets will satisfy those requirements.

However, the truth is that diet plays a role in the complex task of reducing body fat. Calorie counting, low-fat diets, or other trendy weight loss methods don’t take into account the complexity of nutrition. Losing weight may require calorie counting, but it’s more likely that you should change the kinds of food you eat, or how you engage with the food you already consume.

People looking to reduce their body fat should consider changing their relationship with:

  • Alcohol: While drinking in moderation is OK, if you find yourself drinking regularly – even a couple glasses of wine or beer – it could add a load of calories to your weekly intake, and inches to your waistline.
  • Water: You should always drink water when you’re thirsty, and many times, when people think they’re hungry, they’re really just dehydrated. However, relying on drinking water to lose weight will not be an effective weight-loss strategy in the long-term.
  • “Health” Food: Generally speaking, it’s best to keep to whole foods with few ingredients when trying to lose weight, because “healthy” versions of food brands can include a lot of excess ingredients that get in the way of weight-loss goals.
  • Meal Frequency: Some believe that eating smaller meals more frequently can lead to weight loss, but how many calories you eat overall is more important than how often you consume them. 

Not Enough Sleep

Another common issue that people looking to lose weight encounter is a lack of quality sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body has trouble regulating itself to burn fat efficiently. This lack of regulation gets coupled with a craving for quick-energy foods and spells disaster for any weight-loss effort.

Doing the Wrong Kind of Exercise

Many people assume that you can rely on cardio or strength training alone to lose weight, but the reality is that you need both to meet your health goals. Doing either exercise by itself can result in a plateau, where your body adapts to the new normal and refuses to burn off additional pounds to meet the increase in exercise.

There’s no one reason why you might have trouble losing those last few stubborn pounds. If you’ve tried everything and are looking for liposuction experts in Philadelphia, call the team at Gaby & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Center today.