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Plastic Surgery Preparation

Choosing the Best Doctor for Your Mommy Makeover

Your mommy makeover is a significant milestone. After all that you’ve been through to give life to a new baby, you now get the chance to recover your body and your confidence. Since a mommy makeover is such a personalized — and often extensive — set of procedures, it’s crucial you choose the right doctor. You need to find an experienced, qualified doctor who excels at all the procedures you’re looking to get. This guide walks you through top tips on how to choose a mommy makeover doctor.

Tips for Choosing Your Mommy Makeover Surgeon

1. Qualified

The first tip is to find someone who is qualified. A mommy makeover can be an investment, and some women choose to cut costs by going abroad to receive their procedures or booking with unqualified doctors. Work on your body is delicate and should give you the best results possible. You reduce the risk of poor results and surgical complications by using a qualified doctor.

Other than a doctor’s medical school credentials, there’s one other way you can tell if they’re qualified in their field. The highest level of accreditation for a doctor is being board-certified. This certification requires the doctor to pass a special exam in their area of specialty. The plastic surgeons at Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery are double and triple board-certified, so you know you’re in good hands!

2. Experienced

When researching the best doctor for your mommy makeover in Philadelphia, you’ll notice you have many options. One way to shorten your list to a handful of viable candidates is to look at experience.

A mommy makeover is a customizable package — most women typically choose liposuction, a type of breast surgery, and a tummy tuck, but it’s entirely up to you. You may choose to add or take away from the “standard” mommy makeover package. And you should choose a doctor based on the procedures you want.

You’ll want a doctor that has done mommy makeover procedures plenty of times. You can review the surgeon’s website to see if they have mommy makeovers listed on their services page. Additionally, during the consultation, you can ask them if and how often they’ve done all the surgeries you want in your mommy makeover.

3. Previous Results

A commitment to a surgeon is a significant decision. Ultimately, you can’t really know if they’ve met your expectations until you recover and see the results for yourself. Still, you don’t have to choose a doctor based on blind trust. A doctor’s previous surgical results should give you an indication of how much you like their work.

Doctors that are proud of their work and stand behind their results will typically have a section on their website that allows you to look at their previous work. Review these photos and ask yourself if you would be happy to receive the same results.

4. Budget

As we’ve mentioned before, a mommy makeover is an investment in yourself and your self-esteem. Ultimately, if you find a doctor you like, hopefully, you’ll be able to find a way to make their price work with your budget. Still, it would be unrealistic not to mention the mommy makeover cost. You should speak with your doctor and make sure their pricing works for you. If you can’t afford your doctor’s complete mommy makeover package all at once, consider splitting up the procedures and doing a few now and a few later.

Now that you understand how to look for a doctor, it’s time to start the search. The doctors at Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery are board-certified and have extensive experience with mommy makeover procedures. Check out our previous work and contact us today for a consultation.

Preparing for Your Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

No matter what cosmetic surgical procedure you’re interested in, it’s important to start by consulting your doctor. This personal meeting lets you ask questions, establish your needs, and reduce nerves before the actual surgery. To get the most out of your consultation, you should be well-informed and clear about what you are looking for. Here is how you can prepare.

Do Your Research

Researching your cosmetic procedure can help answer the questions you may have about the surgery, such as whether or not you’re the right candidate or whether there are any risks involved. This research will also let you know if there are any steps you need to take to prepare — for example, a breast augmentation may require wearing certain clothing. If you come across anything that concerns you, your consultation can help alleviate those worries.

Schedule Your Appointment

An important part of your consultation is scheduling your appointment. Be sure to inquire about the expected recovery time so that you can plan properly. For instance, if the surgery requires plenty of rest, you may want to schedule it on a weekend or when you are off from work.

Gather Reference Photos

It’s important to share your expectations and hopes with your plastic surgeon before undergoing the procedure. You can do this by gathering reference photos or photographs of what you want the outcome to look like. Of course, these pictures should be similar to your natural shape. While a surgeon cannot 100% emulate another look, communicating your needs can help them establish what you are looking for and give you a clear view of what to expect.

Evaluate Your Plastic Surgeon

During your consultation, it’s essential that you feel comfortable with your plastic surgeon. Do they listen to your concerns? Have they answered all of your questions efficiently? Ultimately, you need a plastic surgeon that you can trust.

At Gabay & Gottlieb, our board-certified cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Gabay and Dr. Gottlieb, have over 17 years of experience in providing high-quality, safe, and personalized surgical care. We offer several cosmetic surgeries, including liposuctions, BBL surgeries, tummy tucks, and breast lifts in Philadelphia.

Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.