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Facelift in Philadelphia

You’re faced with a personal decision for all cosmetic surgeries, from a facelift to a nose job in Philadelphia. We make your procedure as comfortable as possible for a quick and full recovery from each procedure. Our cosmetic surgeons offer a free consultation to answer any questions regarding your procedure, from Philadelphia breast augmentation to a tummy tuck in Philadelphia. Here are the solutions to some common questions we often receive regarding a facelift procedure.
Q. What is done in a Face Lift operation?

A:The primary goal of this procedure is to smooth the skin of the neck and correct the gravitational effects that result in the jowls. Recreating the youthful jaw line and neck angle are of greatest importance in this surgery. Patients most commonly add eyelid and brow lift surgery in the same setting to improve the overall result. This “complete” face lift gives the best and longest lasting result.

Q. Am I a candidate?

A: Facelift surgery in Philadelphia is usually performed on men and women between the ages of 40 and 75. A basic history and physical is performed at the initial complimentary consultation, which quickly and easily determines the underlying health of the patient. As these are elective procedures, patients with extensive histories may need to have their primary doctors perform an evaluation prior to surgery.

Q. How long will I be out of work?

A: Patients usually require 1 full workweek off following facelift surgery. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia as directed by our board certified anesthesiologists, here at the Philadelphia Surgi Center. As a result, patients feel tired and worn out for a few days after surgery. The bruising usually lasts three weeks, but makeup can be worn after the sutures are removed at the end of the first week.


Q. When can I return to the gym?

A: Most patients will actually begin to exercise their legs and abdomen as early as 2 weeks. As long as you discuss your exercise plans with the doctor, a safe regimen can be “worked out”.

Q. What kind of pain can I expect?

A: Most women describe more of a pressure than a pain experience. This is likely due to the use of an ace bandage placed around the chin after surgery. This bandage is used to improve healing and avoid swelling in the first two weeks after surgery. Prescriptions for appropriate pain medicine are written during the pre-operative visit.


Q. What scars will result from the procedure?

A: The best site for skin healing is the face. As a result, the scars of facelift surgery in Philadelphia are often transparent after the initial few months following the procedure. The incisions used to perform a facelift are hidden along the hairline and behind the ears in the scalp. Eyelid surgery and brow lifting are performed at the same time in many cases, and the scars for these additional procedures are equally excellent and often transparent.

Q. How long will the results last?

A: Patients see 10 years of improvement that usually lasts for 10 years as well. Many new types of procedures are now being advertised as “liquid” or “lifestyle” or “thread” lifts. These are usually offered as procedures that allow you to return to work more quickly. What they don’t tell you is that the results will be gone in less than a year. Most of these procedures are a waste of your money. The true traditional facelift provides a much greater appearance and longer lasting youthful appearance.

We make sure every step of the procedure provides optimal comfort and you’re overjoyed with your new look. We provide answers for all your questions regarding surgeries for Philadelphia liposuction and your face lift. If you have any other inquiries about our cosmetic procedures, please reach out to us and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and confident in your decision.

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