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After your initial consultation with either Dr. Gabay or Dr. Gottlieb, our surgical scheduler will begin the process of getting you ready for your upcoming procedure.  A packet of information will be provided to you via mail or email that describes your procedure in great detail, and all procedures are conducted on the same premises.

These forms are also available on this site.  We provide this information in advance to allow you the most comfortable amount of time to review each form.

You will also be invited to a pre-operative visit in which paperwork can be signed with the doctors, and all of your questions can be answered.  In addition to this visit, you will also receive a call from our pre-operative nurse to review your medical history more thoroughly and answer more questions.

You’ll find both our medical office and surgical center on the premises, making us your trusted one-stop express center for all procedures.

We strongly believe in providing every patient with all of the information they need to have the optimal recovery.

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