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Can Breast Augmentation Improve Sagging Breasts?

Drooping breasts, also called breast ptosis, is a natural condition that causes breasts to sag and lose the form they once had. Women of all shapes and sizes can experience this condition throughout their lives. Unfortunately, it can have a great impact on their personal happiness and mental health. Thankfully, by using plastic surgery, it is possible to restore breasts to their previous size and shape. 

However, there is no guarantee that a surgical procedure will solve all cases of drooping breasts. So when can implants fix sagging breasts, and when can’t they? There are several factors that determine whether or not breast implants are the solution for saggy breasts. To learn more, here’s an overview of why they can occur and the ways that implants can and cannot help them.

What Causes Sagging Breasts?

While women have gotten breast augmentation for their breasts for a variety of reasons, many of them stem from the effects of gravity. Denser and larger breasts have a higher chance of sagging because of their weight. As a result, gravity will pull down on them more than smaller breasts. However, that does not mean breasts of smaller sizes are immune to drooping.

Another common cause of droopy breasts is aging and related biological changes. When a woman no longer breastfeeds children or enters menopause, they will begin to experience breast involution. During this process, the breast tissue that produces milk shrinks. As a result, the absence of this tissue can cause the breast to become empty and sag.

Additionally, the elasticity of a woman’s skin can influence how much their breast will sag. An individual’s genetics, health, and age can all play a part in how elastic their breast skin is and, in turn, how much it may sag. Sports and other athletic activities without a supportive bra can also lead to sagging.

How Can Implants Fix Sagging Breasts?

It’s only natural that women would utilize cosmetic surgery to correct an issue with sagging breasts. Implants can be used to restore volume to an individual’s breasts when there is a lack of tissue. Saline and silicone implants will not only increase their size but also correct any asymmetry a person has experienced.

However, can implants fix sagging breasts for everyone? The answer varies greatly depending on the person and their individual circumstances. Receiving breast augmentation for sagging breasts will be best for those who have too much skin and not enough tissue. 

There are several other criteria that also must be met to determine whether using implants is an appropriate option. For example, women may be asked to fit two fingers behind their breasts at the crease. If they are unable to, then breast implant surgery will be beneficial.

Implants will help women obtain a complete appearance if their breasts lack tissue. But can implants fix sagging breasts permanently? Unfortunately, they cannot. Because their bodies will continue to change and grow over time, the effects are not permanent. The benefits of receiving breast implants can last around a decade until further procedures are needed.

Can Implants Fix Sagging Breasts Without Lifts?

Although implants can solve mild sagging issues, they are not capable of raising breasts into higher positions on the chest. Breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy, uses incisions to reposition breasts that have sagged. In other words, implants cannot fix drooping breasts alone; they only add volume and increase breast size. A breast lift with implants together is what brings long-lasting results to patients who desire a more appealing breast shape, and the procedures are commonly performed at the same time.

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