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Fat Transfer

We offer body-contouring fat transfer surgery to patients in Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia. During this procedure, the surgeon removes excess fat from one area of the body via liposuction and transfers it to a different body part to enhance the patient’s natural curves.

During your initial consultation and leading up to your fat transfer, our fully qualified surgical staff will address all of your concerns. Below are a few common questions asked by our patients.

Am I A Good Candidate for Fat Transfer?

When you come in for an initial, complimentary consultation with our cosmetic surgeon, we will perform a physical and gather your basic medical history. We will then determine if you are a good fit for the fat transfer procedure.

Are There Different Types of Fat Transfer Surgery?

Each fat transfer is highly customized based on your individual goals. For example, patients may wish to remove fat from their abdomen or thighs. Many patients then choose to add volume to their lips, hands, or buttocks.

How Safe is Fat Transfer?

This is considered a natural procedure because the surgeon only uses your own natural tissue, not synthetic implants. Therefore, the risk of side effects and complications is lower than with many other surgeries. If your procedure covers a large area, then general anesthesia may be used, while small treatment areas only require local anesthesia or IV sedation.

What is the Recovery Like?

Most patients can resume normal activities within a few days of the procedure. You can expect bruising and swelling at both the removal and injection sites, along with minor discomfort that can be managed with oral pain medication. The surgeon may recommend moderate exercise to prevent blood clots from forming and improve circulation.

When Will I See Results?

The area where fat is removed will appear slimmer immediately after the surgery. The injection sites will also have more volume, which will gradually increase over the following weeks as the fat cells fully plump themselves. You will see 80% of results after two months and final results after six months.

Will I Have a Scar from This Procedure?

Scarring from this procedure is very minimal since the incisions are just big enough to fit the cannula — no more than 4 mm long. The surgeon will strategically place these incisions in hidden areas of the body, and the scars will fade over time. To see the results of successful fat transfers performed by our cosmetic surgeon, visit our body results page.

How Long Will My Results Last?

The results of this procedure usually last for years and may, under the right circumstances, permanently enhance your curves. Unlike injectable fillers, the transferred fat is a living substance that will continue to flourish like your body’s other living tissue.

Is Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery the Right Choice for My Fat Transfer Surgery?

We have provided a quality, safe, and affordable cosmetic surgery experience at the Philadelphia Surgi-Center for two decades. Our technical expertise and kindness make us the cosmetic surgeon of choice for patients in Montgomery County, Bucks County, and Philadelphia.

If you are considering a fat transfer, BBL Surgery, breast augmentation, or another procedure that we offer, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation with our surgeon.

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