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The Top Benefits of Permanent Makeup

For many women, having to apply makeup every day before going out into the world can be a tedious task. Some ladies are confident about the way they look, and don’t feel the need to wear makeup every day, while others wouldn’t dare step out the door without their go-to application, whether it be just eyeliner and mascara or foundation with a bit of blush. Imagine waking up each morning and having to put aside ten minutes just to put on makeup you wish was just permanent. How much easier would life be? With no need to get up extremely early or reapply during the day, it would be a dream.

But now, that dream is a reality with the increasingly popular cosmetic procedure of permanent makeup. Yes, you read that right – makeup that is permanent. No need to worry about smudging, fading, or wasting precious time putting on makeup that will just have to be reapplied again later. However, permanent makeup isn’t actually makeup at all.

It’s a tattoo. Permanent makeup is the art of implanting pigments or dyes into the first dermis layer of the skin to enhance certain features of the face like the lash line, lip line, and eyebrows. Each procedure, depending on the application, takes anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes and does not feel painful. Before the area is tattooed, it is numbed with a local anesthetic. Afterward, the area may experience swelling for about two to five days.

Lip microblading produces permanent makeup look.

Permanent makeup doesn’t only appeal to beauty enthusiasts; in fact, it can help people deal with their health conditions in an easier manner. People who have severe allergies to makeup products, have difficulty applying makeup due to arthritis, or lost hair due to injury or side effects of treatment can highly benefit from permanent makeup.

Woman undergoes microblading for permanently filled eyebrows

At Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Center, we offer permanent makeup as part of our esthetic services. Our cosmetic esthetician, Gigi Fishman, is a licensed practitioner who has conducted permanent makeup application for many of our clients across the Philadelphia region. She has performed 3D tattooing to reconstruct the areola on breast cancer reconstruction patients as well as permanent eyeliner, shaded lip liner, eyelash enhancement, and hair stroke eyebrows. With over ten years of experience in the field, Gigi Fishman is the go-to for high-quality esthetic services such as permanent makeup.

To book a consultation for permanent makeup, call us by dialing 215-501-7565. Most things in life are temporary…but your makeup doesn’t have to be!