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Why Traditional Facelifts Are Better Than Non-Surgical Facelifts

Diagram showing different layers of the skin.

As innovations are made in the cosmetic industry, more and more non-invasive anti-aging procedures have become available. But where does that leave the traditional facelift? Now patients have a variety of non-surgical facelift options from which to choose, like liquid lifts, thread lifts and lifestyle lifts. All of these procedures may seem appealing, but we can tell you firsthand that none of them compare to the amazing results of the traditional surgical facelift.

The key here is to think long-term. Most individuals want long-term beauty. They want the wrinkles and saggy skin to be gone forever and never come back. The truth is, the aging process isn’t restricted to the surface of the skin. It’s deeper than that. And no, we aren’t talking about “being beautiful inside and out.” Along with the top layer of the skin, aging also applies to other underlying tissues like fat and muscle.

In most non-surgical facelifts, only the surface of the skin is being treated, leaving the real cause of sagging skin untreated. A traditional facelift succeeds in pulling the skin and muscles back to create a natural and smooth complexion. The results are a fresh, younger appearance.

If you really want to lift up and away your aging facial features for good, the best option is the traditional facelift. Non-invasive anti-aging procedures are temporary, bottom line. They make you look great, but only for so long. The results simply aren’t permanent, and that can be an investment factor. How many times are you willing to pay for a facelift that will only last a year or less? It might not be worth it for what you are looking to accomplish.

When you opt for a traditional facelift in Philadelphia, it is a one and done experience. One price, one surgery, one time. The cost of the several appointments for nonsurgical facelifts combined compared to a traditional facelift may show little difference.

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