What’s the Difference Between a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction?

Sometimes being comfortable in our own skin means getting a little outside help. 

Regular exercise and dieting are the basic ingredients for losing weight and sculpting your body. However, sometimes they leave something to be desired. Whether you’re having trouble getting the figure you’ve dreamed of through regular training, turn to Gabay & Gottlieb in Philadelphia for liposuction, tummy tucks, and a host of other aesthetic procedures. 

Tummy Tuck

PROCEDURE: A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin from the abdomen area. A lot of people suffer from excess skin after weight loss or pregnancy — unfortunately, this cannot be remedied through exercise or dieting, which is why people seek out surgical procedures.

Before the abdominoplasty begins, your surgeon will inject you with a general anesthetic since this is an invasive procedure. The excess skin will be removed, along with stretch marks and other problematic skin issues, while tightening the abdominal muscles. This makes it easier to work out and sculpt your core. 

RECOVERY: The recovery process is long and slow, but offers permanent results for those who maintain a healthy weight. Once the patient is discharged, daily activities will be limited for a number of weeks until they are fully healed. 

CANDIDATE: To be a good candidate for a tummy tuck, you must be in overall good health and seeking to remove excess belly skin mainly for aesthetic purposes. 


PROCEDURE: Liposuction is used to remove small pockets of stubborn fat in targeted areas, such as the stomach, love handles, thighs, hips, upper arms, neck, and buttocks. Unlike tummy tucks, liposuction doesn’t remove excess skin and stretch marks — its sole purpose is to eliminate bulges of fat when patients don’t see the results they would like from diet and exercise. 

There are many different liposuction procedures, but the most common is tumescent liposuction. During this procedure, the doctor will carefully mark the treatment areas before injecting them with anesthesia, epinephrine, and a sterile solution. Once the injections have taken effect, the doctor will make small cuts into the skin to access and remove the pockets of fat. 

RECOVERY: The healing process can take weeks, but you can still perform non-strenuous daily activities. 

CANDIDATE: Those who are having trouble losing weight in small, targeted areas and are in generally good health can seek liposuction. 

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