Important Things to Consider Before Scheduling A Breast Augmentation Procedure

Women who are born with small breasts may not feel comfortable in their own body. Because of this, breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures of plastic surgery.

We here at Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery, the top plastic surgeons in Princeton, NJ, are continually helping women decide if they are a good match for breast augmentation services. With that in mind, here are just a few important pieces of information anyone on the fence should consider when pondering if they are should do it or not.

Prepare For Some Downtime

Patients who undergo breast augmentation typically out of commision for five to seven days. Taking the week off from work may be in your best interest. It is normal to feel fatigued and sore following a successful procedure.

No Need To Replace Them

It is a common misbelief that women will have to have follow-up surgery to replace their implants every five to ten years. Our breast augmentation procedures will never have to be revisited to maintain the appearance of your chest. While some other cosmetic procedures may not last a lifetime, breast augmentation isn’t one of them.

Have The Right Expectation

It is important for women to have a realistic idea of what to expect out of breast augmentation surgery. Whether you are looking to increase the size or reshape your breasts, making sure you have the right expectations will help create a smoother transition into your new shape.

Make Sure You Are An Ideal Candidate

Before you schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons, it is essential to know you are in good medical standing before beginning any planning for your surgery. History of breast cancer and other medical issues can disqualify some women from being able to undergo any kind of surgery. Make sure to schedule a visit with your doctor before scheduling a consultation.

Those interested in Princeton plastic surgery have come to the right place. Whether you are interested in breast augmentation, a tummy tuck procedure, or a facelift, our experienced staff can help with any cosmetic procedures. Give us a call today at 215-501-7565 to get started.