3 Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

For our team of masterful surgeons here at Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery Center, we believe that our patients can benefit in various ways from consulting with our experts about Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Surgery. Aside from the obvious fact that your buttocks will look incredible, restored to its natural, perky shape; patients who have undergone our minimally invasive BBL Surgery in Philadelphia have experienced some other cosmetic benefits.

1. Additional Slimming Down

As part of the BBL procedure, we have to remove fat from another part of the patient’s body. Whether it’s their thighs, abdomen area, or from their back; our BBL patients not only benefit from their buttocks transformation, but they also experience a thinning impact in the part of the body where the fat gets removed. It’s two cosmetic procedures for the price of one!  


2. No “Junk” in Your “Trunk”

Once the liposuctioned fat gets removed from the determined spot of the body, the fat is then processed and purified before being injected back into the buttocks muscles. What this means for patients is that their injection will create new collagen, improving both the texture and health of their skin in the buttocks region.


3. Minimal Recovery Process

Our team of surgeons work wonders for our patients and can perform BBL Surgery with only four, nearly invisible incisions. Our team knows you can’t wait to wear that new bikini after your BBL procedure, that’s why our surgeons will hide those centimeter or less scars. Patients can expect to wear a compression garment that was specially crafted to aid the tissue healing process for a few weeks. Our experts recommend that our BBL patients avoid sleeping on their back or sitting for long periods for the first six weeks of recovery. This preventative action will keep the newly transferred, purified fat cells from being crushed and reabsorbed into the body. After an estimated four months to six months, our patients can expect to see significant improvements to their buttocks with results that will last a lifetime.


Our cosmetic surgeons have nearly two decades of experience in serving BBL Surgery patients in Montgomery County, dedicating themselves to providing not only top-tier surgical precision and results for our patients. Each cosmetic procedure is custom tailored to each individual patient and their needs, ensuring the affordability and more importantly, the safety of each of our clients.

If you are considering BBL Surgery or would like to make an appointment for a procedure, contact us today at 215-501-7565 to schedule a free consultation with our experienced staff.