Three Advantages of Receiving a Tummy Tuck

Struggling to lose unwanted fat affects millions of Americans each year. Stomach fat can arise from pregnancies, old age and even hormonal changes among other things. With the arrival of summer, there are many reasons to consider getting a tummy tuck procedure to remove that unwanted stomach fat.

Anyone who is looking for the best place to go for a tummy tuck or top plastic surgeons in Philadelphia should look no further than Gabay & Gottlieb Cosmetic Surgery. As the leaders of plastic surgery in Philadelphia, we have helped patients with face, breast, and body procedures for almost 20 years. Here are three of the most common benefits of a tummy tuck procedure:


The departure of excess and loose skin on your stomach will help shoot your confidence through the roof. Feeling thinner and having the ability to wear almost anything you like and not feel self-conscious can help change the way you view yourself drastically. Say goodbye to the days of not wanting to wear something you like out of fear of how you’ll look in it.

Improved Posture

Carrying excess weight on any part of your body will weaken abdominal muscles. Carrying extra weight at the stomach area can lead to a serious condition known as “sway back.” The condition, which leads to an unnatural curve of the spine that softens the abdominal tissue. Don’t let a big stomach lead to severe back pain.

Stretch Marks

Dealing with stretch marks can be very difficult. Stretch marks are the result of the connective tissue stretched with weight gain. The results of stretch marks can linger on forever after weight loss. While there are a variety of lotions and creams that claim to erase the sight of stretch marks, results are far from guaranteed. The removal of fat through a tummy tuck procedure is the sure fire method to remove those ugly stretch marks.

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