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Liposuction and Fat Transfer

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is a huge decision in your life. We consult with you to make you as comfortable as possible before the procedure begins. We answer all of your questions related to a fat transfer, nose job in Philadelphia or tummy tuck in Philadelphia. Below we have listed the most common questions we hear about liposuction procedures.

Q. Am I a candidate?

A: Liposuction and Fat Transfer is usually performed on men and women between the ages of 18 and 60. A basic history and physical is performed at the initial complimentary consultation, which quickly and easily determines the underlying health of the patient. Patients with underlying medical issues may need to be evaluated by their primary doctor before they undergo this type of procedure.

Q. How long will I be out of work?

A:Patients usually require less than 1 full workweek off following Liposuction or Fat Transfer in the Princeton and South Jersey area. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia as directed by our board certified anesthesiologists, here at the Philadelphia Surgi Center. As a result, patients feel tired and worn out for a few days after surgery. Spandex garments are worn under the clothing for the first three weeks after liposuction procedures consistent with the anatomic region in which the surgery was performed.

Q. When can I return to the gym?

A: At 1 month, patients can begin to exercise without significant swelling. Most patients will actually begin to exercise as early as 2 weeks. This does result in swelling and spandex garments are recommended. As long as you discuss your exercise plans with the doctor, a safe regimen can be “worked out”.

Q. What kind of pain can I expect?

A: Most patients describe more of soreness than pain. The use of spandex garments and ice is the primary therapy in the first few days and weeks after surgery. This will limit the soreness, which is actually associated with the swelling of Liposuction. Prescriptions for appropriate pain medicine are written during the pre-operative visit.

Q. What scars will result from the procedure?

A: Scars are easily hidden during the preoperative planning for Liposuction near Bucks County. Only a quarter inch incision is needed to perform these procedures. Areas that are hidden by clothing or have a naturally existing skin crease are used in all cases. Most patients refer to the sites as no bigger than a birth mark.

Q. Is Laser Liposuction offered?

A: Absolutely. Each patient and anatomic region is quite different. As a result, the Philadelphia Surgi Center offers Laser Assisted Liposuction to all patients who would best benefit from its use. Not every patient requires the laser to provide their desired result. The surgeon will discuss the best procedure at the initial complimentary consultation.

We go above and beyond for client satisfaction, ensuring your comfort before and after every surgery. Browse through our website to learn more about our procedures, including breast augmentation in Philadelphia. With our meticulous attention to detail, we make sure you feel minimal discomfort for a quick recovery. Contact us with any questions regarding a fat transfer or a facelift in Philadelphia.